- 推古3年(595年)の夏4月、淡路島に沈水(ちんすい)が漂着した




- In the summer of 595, agarwood drifted ashore on Awaji island.
This is the oldest record of incense described in Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan).

Incense culture in Japan was spread through religious customs and aristocratic society. Since the establishment of the'incense ceremony' during the Muromachi period (16th century), the culture developed on its own and built a lasting foundation in Japan. Awaji island-where the legend of agarwood is deeply connected to the history of incense-started producing incense during the Late Edo period (19th century) and now leads the nation in its production.

The name √595 refers to Awaji's unique history and role in incense production, which we use like an algebraic coefficient to analyze methods and processes, disentangle the roots of scent from their assumed forms, and explore new possibilities.

We travel between past and future by combining traditional incense production methods and our work with artists, designers and experts in a variety of fields in researching the materials and the method of blending to create new sources and uses for incense.

ディレクション/ 和泉侃(IK STUDIO)

香りを通して身体感覚を蘇生させることをテーマに活動するアーティスト。お香の制作をきっかけに2017年より淡路島に拠点を移し、植物の生産・蒸留や原料の研究を行いながら創作活動に励む。作家活動と並行し、2021年には自身の活動に共感するメンバーとIK STUDIOを発足。香りで表現される世界の可能性を広げている。

Direction / IZUMI KAN

IZUMI-KAN is an artist using scent as the basis for his work on the theme “revitalising the physical senses”. In 2017, he moved to Awaji island in order to work on an incense production project. The flora of the island intrigued him and he began exploring plant production, distillation, and raw materials for his creative work. In addition to his own artistic pursuits, he also formed IK STUDIO in 2021 in order to expand the opportunity for people to experience the world as expressed by scent.

プロダクション/ 薫寿堂


Production / KUNJUDO

Since its establishment in 1893 on Awaji island, KUNJUDO has been producing incense with a commitment to quality through the handiwork of skilled craftsmen. Not limited to just traditional fragrances, they also apply this approach to contemporary creations for the modern world.

  • Art direction & design: Yosuke Okita (Attitude inc.)
  • Photography: Yuna Yagi (Atelier NOW/HERE)